Sicily Sketch Book 3

This book may be the most interesting to me of the four, simply because the mix of geographies these young men were from. You had New York City, Brookly and Bronx mugs, along with a number of guys from Oklahoma. Maybe the sterotypes in the old WWII movies are based in some fact.

There is a Wisconsinite in the group. Lawrence A DeLisle (page 20) hailed from 30 minutes north from where I’m typing this. I was in touch with his daughter last year. She was still living in Wausau at the time.

Front Cover

  • Sgt. William T. Lewis, Hobbs, NM (his book?). Dated September 9, 1943

Inside Front Cover

  • Amerigo Bosso, 211-43rd St, Brooklyn, NY
  • The note was in the book when it arrived. I don’t know for sure which soldier was Jack’s brother

Title Page

  • PFC John DiSalvo, 5 Baird Ave, N. Providence, RI
  • Sgt. Leslie Gusher, Port Sumner, NM
  • Liman ? Hudson, Colgate, OK
  • Tommy Lanahan, Albany, NY
  • Joe “Hombre” Magallanes, Date St, San Joe, CA
  • S/Sgt. John J. Phelan, 41-20 74th St, Jackson Heights, LI, NY
  • Earl Watson, Ren Co. 645 T.D. BN., Hobbs, NM

Page 4

  • Milton Carvold, Tucson, AZ
  • Carl V. Hovenggood, RR #1,Atoka, OK
  • Michael Lahorise (?), 218 W 67th St, NYC
  • Herbert M. Levy, c/o A. Furstman, 1425 51st St, Brooklyn, NY
  • Jean R. Saul, Wagoner, OK
  • Reuben Sowder, Okemah, OK.
  • T/Sgt. Jimmie R. Tuttle, 2912 W. Okmulgee, Muskogee, OK

Page 6

  • Harry Martin, 412 13th St, Niagara Falls, NY
  • Jack McFarland,Wichita Falls, TX
  • Tom Pierce, Grandfield, OK “Once an Okie, always an Okie”
  • Arthur B. Rodgers, 470 Park Ave, East Orange, NJ
  • Harry S. Welch, Sixes, OR

Pages 8 and 9

  • Rene J. Boullion, 134 W 16th St,Holland, MI
  • Cpl. Leslie Rahm, Whitesboro, NY
  • PFC. Gordon St. John, 2 Mill St, Piseco (?), NY
  • Willie J. Waller, 218 12th St, Augusta, GA
  • ? Ventresca, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Butch Diamond, 46 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY
  • Charles N. Mashlum, Jr., 2nd Lt., Rt. #2, La Vista Rd,Atlanta, GA
  • J.P. Walker, Okay, OK
  • Unknown “Okie”
  • J.P. Walker, Okay, OK.

Page 10

  • Thomas R. Winters, 1640 S. Wilton St, Phila, PA “Pat O’Brien”

Page 12

  • Alfred Kayitah, Mescalero, NM
  • Walter J. Kolodziej, 618 E 17th St, NYC
  • Eddie Larry, 5713 N. Mobile Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Travis Shagi, 4207 New Utrecht Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Pages 14 and 15

  • Anthony Barber, 41 Millard St, Brockport, NY
  • Glenn Dickson, 153 State St, Grove City, PA
  • William H. Downing, 514 Penn Ave, Turtle Creek, PA.
  • Brownie Urbanczyk, 17 Prospect Rd, Lackawanna, NY
  • Pvt. Norman Barker, PO Box 635, Dunsmuir, CA
  • Pvt. Guy R. Chapman, 111 Mill St, Athens, OH
  • Pvt. Andrew DeLuca, 179 Baltic St, Brooklyn, NY
  • Peter V. Musciweyewski, 37 Caldwell Pl, Lackawanna, NY
  • Pvt. Cecil H. Shumway, 2211 Holmes St, Dallas, TX
  • Jimmy Vendetti, 123 Merline Ave, Elmwood CT
  • Harold Williams, 3208 32nd St, Port Huron, MI

Pages 16 and 17

  • Samuel Amato, Jr., RD #1; Coal Center, PA c/o Oliver K. Hixson
  • Edmund Belanger, RFD #4, Auburn, ME
  • Willis Bohansen, 110 Park St, Oak Harbor, OH
  • Sorizio DiRufo, 309 W 69th St, NYC
  • Emory E. Harrod, 855 N. Evergreen, Memphis, TN;
  • Pvt. Bobby K. Lurr, North Main Ave, Newton, NC
  • John McGurn, 18 Union St, Methuen, MA
  • Pvt. Joseph J. Cimorelli, 29 Merline Ave, Newburgh, NY
  • Mickey Finn, 444 16th St, Brooklyn, NY
  • John Tomositis, 19 Margin St, Hyde Park, MA
  • James Worden, 614 Fremont St, Fulton, NY.

Pages 18 and 19

  • Mumag B. Baski, 1995 Weston Ave, Bronx, NY
  • Clyde Hostetler, 12 Kensington Circle, Uniontown, PA
  • Rutenbeg Aaron, 109-20 71st Rd, Forest Hills, LI, NY
  • James Ryan, 2205 Ryer Ave, Bronx, NY
  • Orsine O. McDavich (?), Tulsa, OK
  • Sgt. Joseph Wolfe, 417 Vanderbilt St, Brooklyn, NY “I’m gonna raise it”

Page 20

  • Everett Baker, 251 Mathewson, Wichita, KS
  • Lawrence A DeLisle, 1121 16th Ave S, Wausau, WI
  • Vincent Iwanski, Bridgeport, CT
  • Clifton W. Mills, Otoka, OK
  • George J. Swartzkopf, 308 N. College Ave, Green Castle, IN
  • Jim S. Vestal, 405 N 2nd St, Marlow, OK

Page 24

  • Ray DeNatale, 10 Wilburn St, Bay Shore, LI, NY
  • Michael Sileuhia, Brooklyn, NY

Page 26

  • Dog Grider, Rt. 3, Okemah, OK

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